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Best Exercise for Seniors Having Difficulty Standing up From Low Surfaces - from Merge Rehab PT.

Exercising is one of the most important things you can do in order to maintain your mobility and independence as you age. Many seniors at some point start having difficulty with mobility and standing up from chairs; especially when the surface is low. Some people are quick to believe that it is because of their age and nothing can be done. This just is not the case. Exercising is just as important, or maybe even more important in older ages as in younger ages.

One of the best exercises that you should be doing to stay active and independent is called a squat or mini squat.

A squat is a strengthening exercise that mainly targets your leg muscles & lower back muscles and to a lesser degree also works several other muscle groups such as your abdominals. It involves bending/flexing at the hip and knees and lowering your body down then back up.

Squats target the muscles needed to allow you to stand from a variety of surfaces (chairs, couch, bed), pick up objects from the floor, go up and down stairs, step in and out of the tub, get up from the floor and walk.

Some people will not be able to perform squats based on their physical condition/limitations, fitness level or knee, hip or ankle pain/arthritis. If you are one of these people, don't fret, there are modified techniques and other pre-squat exercises that you can participate in until your muscles are strong enough to participate in a squat or modified squat.

Your Physical Therapist can help you begin an exercise program, evaluate your strength & flexibility and teach you safe and modified alternatives to help you stay active and improve your mobility.

Not sure where to start? Merge Rehabilitation can help. We offer Physical Therapy in the convenience of your home to help keep you active and mobile to maintain function & independence. Servicing Croton-On-Hudson, NY and Surrounding Areas.


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