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About Merge Rehab & Who We Help

"We Help Adults (like you) with Physical Therapy at home to Improve in Strength, Balance & Mobility so they can be Active & Independent at Home and in the Community."

Conditions We Treat

Balance and Gait Disorders

Fall Prevention & Safety

Generalized Weakness & Deconditioning


LSVT Big program

Exercise Training & Symptom Management

Stroke Recovery

Hemiparesis Treatment

Balance & Mobility Training

Pre & Post Knee & Hip Replacements

Restoring Strength, Range of Motion and Normalizing Gait

People Who We Help Include...

Active Grandparents - who want to keep up with the grandkids and be present with them without worrying about pain, stiffness or lack of energy.

Proactive Seniors - who want to determine their fall risk and put a plan in place to reduce risk of falling and improve balance and safety.

Concerned Seniors - who want to maintain their independence and remain strong to participate in social activities with friends and family.

Health Conscious Seniors - who want to keep active and start or upgrade a home exercise program and are not sure where to begin.

Adults - with chronic pain and chronic health conditions who want to remain independent for as long as they can.

Adults - with neurological conditions who want to improve their function and mobility.

Limited Seniors - who want to improve their mobility and independence with everyday activities.

People Who We Help Also Include...

Adults with recent or older stroke who want to be more independent and mobile.

Individuals who want to be more active and want a home exercise program to keep fit and healthy.

Those who want to improve their walking and balance to walk farther and more efficiently.

People who have been to therapy before and are not happy with the outcome.

Adults who want to improve their self confidence with walking and everyday activities.

Individuals who want to lessen the burden on their caregivers and do more for themselves.

Those who want to improve movement and coordination of affected arm and leg after stroke.

Need Help Deciding If at home Physical Therapy is Right For You
Choose which option works best for you by clicking on one of our short forms to schedule a call.

If you are ready to book an appointment, call us or contact us to schedule a session. Click above.

We are in network with Medicare. Click above to find out about cost, insurance coverage and appointment availability.

If you have questions and want to learn more, click the button above to fill out one of our short forms telling us about yourself and schedule a call.

Are You Or Someone You Love Experiencing Any Of These?

Have you been told that there is a time limit to your arm/leg recovery post stroke?

Has your insurance ended and sent you home when you were not quite ready?

Do you feel like if you had more therapy you would improve?

Do you feel like therapy did not work on your arm enough and instead you learned how to compensate for your weaker arm?

Do you feel like you were not provided with enough exercises to do at home in between sessions?

Are you feeling weaker or having more difficulty with your daily routine due to being unsteady on your feet?

Are you tired of missing out on experiences with friends and family because of chronic pain and physical limitations?

Is your fear of falling keeping you in a chair all day and preventing you from doing what you need to do?

Are you worried that you will lose your independence and will need to rely on others for care?

Are you having difficulty moving or moving more slowly and is this limiting your participation in activities?

If Any Of These Apply To You, Merge Rehab Can Help.

3 Ways To Help

1. Get Help Now by Claiming One of Our Free Guides  2. Fill Out One of Our Short Forms to Schedule a Free Phone Consult 3. Call Us Now to Schedule a Session

Do I have to be sick or injured to receive Physical Therapy? The Answer is No. 

About Us & What We Do Differently

We respect you as an individual and take into account your unique life experiences, comfort level, pain and perception of your body to help support you in achieving your goals.

 At Merge Rehab we love to help people become more Independent and Active to Enjoy Life to its Fullest. That means spending more time with friends and family or taking care of kids or grandkids. Stop missing out on experiences, do the things you love to do and have hope for a brighter future.

Need Help Now? Find Out What You Can Do Starting Today

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