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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a Physical Therapist do?

A: Physical Therapists are Doctorate-Level musculoskeletal experts who specialize in helping people improve their physical function and quality of life. We work with our clients to help them achieve their goals, whether that is recovering from an injury or surgery, improving balance, reducing risk of falls, improving physical fitness and function or reducing pain.

Q: What does an Occupational Therapist do?

A: Occupational Therapists are versatile clinicians who are experts at helping their clients to improve in their activities of daily living. In other words they help them improve performance in doing any activities that they usually perform throughout the day. This ranges from grooming themselves, to feeding themselves, to dressing themselves, to preparing meals, to maintaining their homes, to caring for loved ones and to returning to work.

Q: What will my first Therapy appointment look like?

A: Your Therapist will discuss your health history, reasons for seeking care and goals. The therapist will then complete a thorough evaluation, assessing things like your balance, range of motion, strength, pain levels and functional capabilities. Together, you will create a plan of care to help you meet your goals.

Q: Does Therapy hurt?

A: Therapy should not be painful but you may experience temporary soreness as you work and stretch weak and tight muscles. If you ever feel pain during a session, immediately let your therapist know.

Q: How long does a Therapy appointment last?

A: Initial appointments are typically 60 to 90 minutes. Subsequent appointments are 45 to 60 min.

Q: Do I need a Doctor's referral before making a Therapy appointment?

A: You do not need a referral prior to your first Physical Therapy appointment. You will need a referral prior to your first Occupational Therapy appointment and we can help you in obtaining this.

Q: Which insurances do you accept and how can I pay for services?

A: We are in network with Medicare and out of network with other insurers. We bill Medicare directly. If you have an insurance other than Medicare; we provide you with a detailed bill that you can submit to most major insurance companies to receive reimbursement for the services that we provide. Some insurance plans do not offer out of network benefits. We can assist you in determining what your plan covers. We accept cash, all major credit cards, HSA and Care Credit. Please note that copayment/coinsurance will be collected at time of service.

Q: What should I wear for my sessions?

A: Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement.

Q: Will I need to take my clothes off?

A: You will not need to take your clothes off. It may be helpful at times to expose areas of your body for the therapist to assess your posture and palpate troublesome areas, but your modesty will be maintained.

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