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Stroke Rehabilitation at Home

" We Help Adults Post Stroke with Occupational Therapy at Home & Virtual to Improve Arm Function & Independence with Every Day Tasks - Even if It's Been Months or Years Since Your Stroke. "

Does This Sound Like You...

  • You had a stroke and can't use your arm much for daily routines?

  • You are worried that your affected arm will only get worse over time?

  • You were making progress in In-patient rehab then discharged to home and feel like you are regressing?

  • You want to be able to do more with your arm but don't know where to start?

You may feel frustrated and feel like you have nowhere to turn. You may be confused about whether or not your arm can get better and need guidance from specialists. You also may be stressed about what the future looks like and if you will ever get your independence back. We know.

We have helped many people going through what you are going through. Whether you've had a recent stroke or it has been many years since your stroke, we can help you come up with a plan for improved function and independence.

When It Comes To Stroke Rehab, The Right Protocol Matters.
Treatment Techniques are Based on the Latest Research and Evidence.

Treatments May Include:

Functional Task training

Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

Laterality Exercises

Mental Imagery

Mirror Box Therapy

Repetitive Task Training

Adaptive Equipment Recommendations

Home Exercise Program

ADL Training

Need Help Deciding if Therapy is Right for You?

We understand that some people may be unsure if therapy is right for them and want to find out more. If you have questions and want to learn more before making a decision, please fill out one of our short forms to tell us about yourself and schedule a call.

If you have tried Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy in the past with limited success, if you've had a recent or old stroke or even if you have been told that you have "plateaued", there is something for everyone.

If you are ready to book an appointment, call us or contact us to schedule a session. Click above.

We are in network with Medicare. Click above to find out about cost, insurance coverage and appointment availability.

If you have questions and want to learn more, click the button above to fill out one of our short forms telling us about yourself and schedule a call.

Did You Know That Recovery Can Happen Years After Stroke

Successful stroke recovery depends on many factors. One of the Most Important determinants of arm recovery after stroke is What you do at Home.

If you want more information on what
you can do at home to improve your Arm Recovery, Fill out one of our forms or give us a call.

Prioritize Your Health & Start Moving More With Merge Rehab 

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