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"We Help Adults Pre & Post Knee and Hip Replacement Improve Lower Extremity Strength, Flexibility and Balance to Restore Function and Independence"

The Recovery process can be overwhelming, planing ahead can help!

Physical Therapy Before and After Joint Replacement Can Speed Up Recovery!

Physical Therapy Before a knee or hip replacement provides an early start to the strengthening process for the muscles surrounding the joint for better outcomes and helps you prepare your body and your home prior to surgery.

Physical Therapy After a knee or hip replacement continues the strengthening process and restores mobility and function.

To help obtain the best possible outcomes of regaining function and mobility Joint replacement surgery should be part of a 3 step process that is composed of:

1. Pre surgical Physical Therapy/ 2. Surgery/ 3. Post surgical Physical Therapy

1. Pre Knee & Hip Replacement Physical Therapy

Research has shown that individuals who participate in Physical Therapy prior to a total knee or hip replacement may have favorable outcomes after surgery. This can include faster recovery, decreased pain and improved function.

Pre-replacement Physical Therapy includes: education on what to expect after surgery, exercises to condition/strengthen muscles and increase range of motion, transfer and gait training, training in using adaptive devices for pre and post surgery, education on precautions to take after surgery, recommendations on changes to make in your home to improve safety and help with recovery.

2. Surgical Intervention

Click on the links below to learn more about total knee and hip replacements from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

3. Post Knee & Hip Replacement Physical Therapy

During the years that you suffered with arthritis you probably developed compensatory movement strategies to continue to do what you needed to do with less pain.

This caused your brain to learn a new normal, it caused weakness surrounding the joint or possibly throughout the whole limb, it caused muscle strength imbalances, postural imbalances, impaired range of motion at the arthritic joint and possibly at other joints as well.

Physical Therapy after knee or hip replacement focuses on improving strength, range of motion, balance and function, retraining normal movement patterns including normalizing gait, scar tissue massage and decreasing pain to get you back to doing your every-day activities. 

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