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Mom Fell a few times but did not get hurt. Should I be worried? Tips from Physical Therapists.

The short answer is YES!

There are many reasons why older adults fall. Some of these are: strength and balance deficits, vision impairments, medication side effects, home environment concerns.

One important point is that when someone falls one time they are more likely to fall again. Falling once or having a close call can cause fear of falling which can increase your likelihood of having more falls. And the next fall can cause minor or even major injuries. You may not be able to prevent all falls, but many of them are avoidable.

Common misconceptions:

Physical therapy is only for people who are sick or injured- False

-Physical therapy can help most people improve mobility and function, pain and balance. You should start Physical Therapy as soon as you notice that you are not moving as well as you used to, you are feeling unsteady on your feet, you are feeling stiff and/or you are starting to be fearful of performing daily tasks.

Balance problems come with age and there is nothing that can be done about it-False

-Balance can get worse with age but something can be done about it. In fact the CDC recommends yearly fall screens for people aged 65+ and recommends Occupational Therapy for home safety.

Action Step:

  • Always communicate with your doctor about side effects, if any, of medications that you are taking.

  • Have your vision checked on a regular basis/once a year.

  • Inquire about home therapy services to maximize your balance and function, provide you with a home exercise program and to assess your home environment for possible safety modifications.

Not sure where to start? Merge Rehab can help. We offer therapy in the convenience of your home to help keep you active and mobile.

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