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Are you worried about Falling, or losing your Mobility and Independence?

Balance problems should not be taken lightly. Physical Therapy at Home can help!

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You are frustrated about it taking longer to perform daily activities and not sure what to do.

  • You’ve struggled with balance problems for a while and are not sure if it can get better.

  • You are worried about the future and being able to stay active and independent.

  • You fear that you will end up in a wheelchair.

  • You find yourself stumbling while walking or struggling to stand up.

  • You find yourself avoiding stairs or standing for long periods.

  • You are sitting more and moving less because of fear of falling.

  • You are spending less time with family and friends because you feel physically unable to.

  • You are even drinking less water to avoid trips to the bathroom.

Let me ask you this: Have you been told that poor balance comes with age and you just have to “accept it” because nothing can be done?

If that’s you, then we want to offer you our Free Guide on

7 Ways to Reduce Falls.

7 Ways to Reduce Falls.png

Falls are not a normal part of aging and fear of falling is not something that you should have to live with. We know how devastating a fall can be for the individual and the family. The Good news is that balance can be retrained and many falls can be prevented. 

We have worked with many adults with balance impairments and have helped them regain confidence.

Some of our clients were even able to walk without a cane; something they haven't done in months! Others were able to walk faster and for longer. Many begin enjoying more time outdoors and have more energy; something they never thought would happen.

Physical Therapy at home can help you with:
  • Retraining your balance systems to be more responsive and reduce falls

  • Therapeutic exercises to strengthen your muscles & improve flexibility

  • Conditioning exercises to improve your cardiopulmonary system and increase your activity tolerance.

  • Correcting abnormalities in walking pattern - training in efficient walking pattern

  • Helping you regain the ability to move and walk with more ease and coordination.

  • Prescribing home exercise program to continue to progress when not in therapy

  • Assessing potential problems with footwear that may cause impaired walking patterns

  • Helping to restore normal movement patterns to lessen energy expenditure and increase productivity.

  • Advising on ways to make your home safer

Want Some Help Sooner? Here is a link to the CDC recommended self report 12 questions screen to determined if you are at risk for falls. Check Your Risk For Falling.

Strengthening Exercises (1).png

Not sure if Physical Therapy can help you?

Speak to a Therapist on the phone first or call to schedule a Balance Evaluation from a balance specialist and certified fall prevention specialist.

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