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"We Help Adults (like you) with Physical Therapy at home to Improve in Strength, Balance & Mobility so they can be Active & Independent at Home and in the Community."

Watch the video above to hear from Dr. Matthew Saunders about how Merge Rehab can help you...

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7 ways to reduce your risk of falls

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Need Help Deciding If Physical Therapy at home is Right For You?

We understand that some people are a little concerned that therapy might not work for them, or maybe have been let down in the past, or just want to know more about cost of therapy and insurance coverage.

If that sounds like you, then we invite you to schedule a call to talk with one of our therapists to answer all of your questions and concerns. The call is completely free and there is no obligation to book a session after the call. Click on one of the links below.

If you are ready to book an appointment, call us or contact us to schedule a session. Click above.

We are in network with Medicare.

Click above to find out about cost, insurance coverage and appointment availability.

If you have questions and want to learn more, click the button above to fill out one of our short forms telling us about yourself and schedule a call.

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If you want more information on what you can do at home to help you on your journey to wellness, start here.
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9 Ways to Reduce Back Pain with Bonus Ti
7 Ways to reduce your risk of falls.jpg
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